Exspica has been established in 1998 in Istanbul. The house designs, manufactures and distributes high quality, distinguished Exspica Big Size Couture Sizes 44-60 and Exspica Haute Couture Sizes 38-50.

In 1998, Exspica first designed, manufactured and distributed Exspica Big Couture Sizes 44-60 for women over 40 who like elegance and quality, then also started designing, manufacturing and distributingl Exspica Haute Couture Sizes 38-50 for women between 25-40 in 2007.

Exspica has an important share with its specific designs and quality in over 300 sales points in inland also overseas.


Exspica Collections combine elegance and vision with modern touch through precise handwork. Exspica always thrives for perfectionism, every piece is handled with care, long work and of imagination. The Brand image consists of woman's elegance and quality of work.


Exspica empowers its brand by providing high quality services to its customers and distributors with its professional and innovative approach and the brand's image being the proirity with its Head Office and the showrooms in Istanbul / Osmanbey and also in Fashion World leading Fairs.


Exspica Big Size Couture and Exspica Haute Couture collections are prepared in house in a high quality way with elegance with the fabrics and accessoires which are designed specifically by leading manufacturers around the world. Every piece is a excellent handwork.